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Fake it Till You Make it | jrjackson.com
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    London, England
    Vancouver, BC

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    Fake it Till You Make it

    By action | January 16, 2008

    You can see more pictures by clicking on the link at the top of this page that says “My Vehicles.”

    I hope to see everyone on tonights webcast which begins at 8pm MST (10pm EST). You can register for the *free* webinar by going to http://www.LiveWebTool.com

    Successfully yours,

    J.R. Jackson

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    One Response to “Fake it Till You Make it”

    1. Dena Garman Says:
      January 16th, 2008 at 11:55 pm

      Thanks J.R. for the GREAT info given tonight on how to use resumes even MORE effectively than I already am. For just a few dollars more this month only, I can have unlimited use for a whole YEAR. THAT’S AWESOME!!! As I’ve said over and over in my emails and IM’s… just tell me WHAT to do and I’ll DO it. It’s very hard knowing these things, even as a business owner and your own boss, when you’ve never done it before. I’ve just wanted to ask WHAT when people say to me “go MAKE something happen.” ?? So I’m SO glad to have met such a wonderful mentor (and business partner) in you. Looking forward to any and all new info I can learn.

      One question… if I use your mentioned resume source, can we send batch emails to the prospects via P.O.Pro??


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