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    Your Calling is Calling!

    By action | January 31, 2008

    Your Calling is Calling!

    Doesn’t this video remind you of network marketing?

    It starts off with people treating you like you have the plague. Most of the early people will be your family and friends who will laugh at you and ridicule you for wanting to do something ‘different’ then the norm.

    Eventually you will have some success if you “stick around” long enough and start treating your business LIKE A BUSINESS! And that means you have to learn to market and promote your business and its products/services.

    Problem is when you finally start to achieve some success by going off the reservation and trying something different you will always catch riff from either the company or your “old school” upline.

    Well the bottomline is if you really want to succeed in this industry then you have to act and think like a business owner. Too many uplines and companies nowadays talk about being an entrepreneur but they really just want you to be an amroid and follow their every move – even if that means that you will fail. They realize that if enough people will follow them then the upline will have some success and they are more then willing to sacrifice you and me for their success.

    Folks I failed miserably for my first 4-years in network marketing. Here is why:

    I was taught that these were the “only” way to build my business.

    So how do you succeed in network marketing?

    Simple! You create an easy to duplicate system that anyone and everyone can follow. First and foremost your “prospects” are going to want to know “how” they are going to be able to build their business in their “spare time!” They want to have such a simple system that they can keep their job or career and “squeeze in” this new venture. They are not looking to join some cult that will take over every aspect of their life.

    When you are talking with a prospect you need to “LEAD WITH YOUR SYSTEM!” Forget talking about your products formulation process, quality of your service providers or even how profitable the compensation plan is.

    Remember your prospects DO NOT CARE about anything except how can they succeed at this in their spare time! Until you answer that question for them then they are not interested in joining your business or buying your products.

    I will be teaching one of my “101 techniques” this coming Monday, February 4th @ 8pm MST (10pm EST).

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    Just like with the video you watched above your team will grow if you will simply stick with it long enough and stay true to your dreams and goals.

    You have to truly love what you do in order to have MASSIVE SUCCESS in anything in life. I truly love what I do. Knowing that there is someone reading this blog post right now and with the hope that they will implement what I teach them is inspiring to me.

    These techniques I teach here have changed my life for the better and I hope they will change your life as well.

    Your friend,

    J.R. Jackson

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    2 Responses to “Your Calling is Calling!”

    1. Melody Cisneros Says:
      February 2nd, 2008 at 9:52 pm

      Hello Great day here in Hamilton, Montana. Just want to keep posting because I know how great of a thing J.R. is doing for us all. I read alot here is a few things to think about. Tell me what you think.
      That one is fear. This one is something to really think about. Complaints are a manifestation of your inner thoughts. Well talk to you soon enjoy your weekend. Melody

    2. Brian Hin Says:
      August 8th, 2010 at 11:46 pm

      Sometimes I feel like I’m going through your first 4 years in network marketing. And I believe that you’re right on how the company/uplines teach that there’s only one way to build a business. I’m interested in learning your methods!


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