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    We Swept the Top 3 Recruiter Positions

    By action | March 10, 2008

    Well folks, we have done it again.

    While I won’t talk about which company I did this with I will tell you that myself and two other members of my team swept the Top 3 Recruiter positions with our company.

    This was announced this weekend at our companies annual convention.

    I took #1 AGAIN!

    In fact, this is the 5th company that I have been the top recruiter with. I have marketed everything from; long distance, travel, legal services, identity theft services, vitamins etc. and in EVERY COMPANY I have taken the top position but more importantly I have trained some of the top recruiters in those companies.

    Earning residual income from several sources MONTH AFTER MONTH – is awesome!!!

    Listen! It is so simple to make money in Network Marketing. Last year (about this time) I joined a new up and coming company. 2 weeks after joining this company they were having their first convention. My wife and I decided to go and to our surprise we were #5 top recruiters for the company even though we had been in the business less then 2-weeks.

    I earned $10,140 my first month with that business and it has been paying me a 4-5 figures monthly ever since. Recently they added more money to the compensation plan so my income will jump even higher.

    Also 5-months ago or so I joined a nutritional company which is paying me around $8k a month. YOU GOTTA LOVE THIS INDUSTRY!

    Although I have 127 ways I build my businesses the top two are:

    1 – resumes – CLICK HERE to watch a 22-minute video where I walk you through step-by-step where I get the resumes, what I email to them etc. This is a no brainer!

    2 – downline reports – CLICK HERE to get the reports from the same source I get mine. i love recruiting people who have been in other mlm’s! You know they are serious about this industry and that if given a proven formula they will rock and roll to the top.

    I’m still busy on these consulting projects and that is why I have not been posting as often as I would like. This will change in the very near future.

    In the meantime get yourself some resumes or a downline report and start taking this industry more serious.

    Remember, you need to be doing something EVERY SINGLE DAY if you are going to create momentum. And don’t wait around for your weekly business briefing (yuck). Aren’t you sick and tired of putting $5-$10 a week in the pockets of those big mouths at the front of the room? Most of them are using the techniques I teach to ‘REALLY’ create success anyways!

    I will see you at the top!

    Successfully yours,

    J.R. Jackson
    Top Recruiter – AGAIN 🙂

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    2 Responses to “We Swept the Top 3 Recruiter Positions”

    1. Katina M Rowles Says:
      March 13th, 2008 at 2:48 pm

      Hey there J.R.,

      Congrats on the Kudos!! You deserve it with all the help you provide to people. Quick insert, would love to chat with you IM for catch up on a few things, if you get time, and no weekly meetings for me either!! Doing great since you helped me just one time, great huh!!

      Ciao!! Katina http://www.freealmostfree.blogspot.com

    2. Dave Says:
      March 18th, 2008 at 7:32 pm

      Congrats JR! You’re the man! And I was in one of those companies and saw what you did, you are just the marketing machine!


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