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    Multi-level marketing (MLM)

    By action | August 1, 2008

    Did you know there are over 50 million network marketers who on a daily basis are trying to grow their mlm business or network marketing business?

    Most will jump from one multilevel marketing scam or scheme to another never making any money. Why don’t more people make money in MLM? After all, they join the prelaunch mlm, read the mlm guide, mlm article, mlm review and other mlm resources.

    I believe most people will not succeed in their mlm opportunity, mlm opportunities or mlm program because they either don’t choose the right multi level marketing companies or do not have the correct attitude about multi level marketing or how to use a legitimate mlm marketing system.

    The reason for my success in MLM and online MLM is because I have systems and tools which I use to promote my new mlm which creates mlm success. Doesn’t matter if it is mlm online or offline the key to mlm recruiting is to promote your business to the masses.

    Now you could do things like; buy a mlm website from your mlm company, give away free mlm product to mlm prospects, go to a network marketing hotel meeting etc. etc. but chances are you won’t have any success.

    The two ways I have used religiously to build multiple income streams are:

    1] Recruiting from Resumes – this is such a simple concept and so inexpensive of a way to build your mlm downline no matter which of the multilevel marketing companies you are involved with. I have been the top mlm recruiter in several network marketing companies by using this method. Best part is you can have the system up and generating leads within 1-2 hours! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS METHOD!

    2] Recruit former multilevel marketing distributors (a.k.a. mlm genealogy leads). This is great for recruiting some heavy hitters. You get a hold of a list of former distributors from a different mlm company and you invite them to look at your new mlm company. There are hundreds of lists of distributors from other company mlm companies. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS METHOD!

    You now know a few of my mlm secrets for building mlm residual income. Click on one of the above links to launch your mlm business.

    J.R. Jackson

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      Thanks for sharing this wonderful article with some great stuff.


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