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    Answers to your questions

    By action | August 8, 2008

    mlm network marketing commission check

    I thought you might like to read a recent email exchange I had with a student of my ‘Resume Recruiting System.’

    The words in ‘NORMAL’ are what Matt emails me and my responses are in ‘BOLD.’

    Thanks for the quick response, and the suggestions and tips – it’s greatly appreciated.

    I’m always a student – and have built organizations
    in both MLM and in direct sales with several companies
    that sold products over $20K.

    I’ve personally called over 100,000 leads – and have
    recruited from resumes offline and online for about
    four years now – so I know, for a fact, it really works.

    Again – I’m always a student, and if someone can
    teach me to do something better I’m all ears, as
    that’s how you really make money in this industry
    you (1) acquire knowledge, (2) massive application.

    Then – test and revise. Wash, rinse and repeat.

    I really look forward to learning from you, and
    thank you in advance it’s most appreciated.

    Matt F.

    Thank you very much for the compliment. It is awesome to be networking with someone with your experience. I’m going to answer very quickly and if you need further clarification please email, call or post your followup question(s) on my blog at http://www.jrjackson.com

    (1) When you email them are you sending them to a capture page – if so, what type?

    Yes, always a capture page. After they fillout the capture page I like to send them to a video which explains my product/service and opportunity. After the presentation I send them to another capture page where it asks them if they are an; a, b or c:

    A – sign up now (I take their info including payment info online immediately)

    B – I like the info but still have questions (this generates a HOT LEAD for me to call)

    C – C’ya not interested

    (2) Are you just requesting a phone call from them instead of using a capture page?

    No. Although I have used a phone number in my outgoing emails and the number they dial tells them to go to the website. Problem is I work resumes all over the country. If they have to dial a long distance number this throws up some red flags for some people. In that case you can use some of the services like grandcentral.com and get local numbers for them to call and then tell them “if you are replying to the email please fillout an app at our website” or something.

    (3) Do you have a certain type of phone script that you use?

    No. Each call is different but the one thing I ALWAYS do is “assume the sale.” After all, I bought into the program I’m working and so have a lot of other very sharp people so why wouldn’t they want to join my mlm program.

    I never work with mlm companies that have odd or stupid products or services.

    (4) As far as ASAP resumes:

    (a) Is this a membership site with shared logins to different resume sites, is it one centralized site, or something else?

    ASAPResumes.com will link you up to hundreds of resume sites which you can access for free. http://www.asapresumes.com is by far the best service I have ever used. Up until recently I have never disclosed this site to anyone outside of my teams.

    (b) Can we email the people from inside of ASAP resumes, or do we need to download them and manually email them, or upload them to a contact manager?

    Both. Each site is a little different.

    (c) I believe you said that you email 1,000 per day, is this correct, and could you provide more information on this?

    I use a service at CLICK HERE – by far the very best email program I have ever used (and I have used about 30). I have sent as many as 50,000 emails in one day using their program.

    I’ve used both email and voice broadcasting over the last four years to hit resumes, so very familiar with that process, but as I’ve said in previous emails I’m always open to learning.

    Check out http://www.callfire.com they seem to be about the best price and most feature rich voice blast company I have seen.

    Again Matt thank you very much for the questions. I’m glad you like my ‘Resume Recruiting System’ and the asapresumes.com system. This is one of those systems I have used consistenly for years to become a top level recruiter in every company I have worked with.

    If you have any other questions please let me know.

    See you at the top,

    J.R. Jackson


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