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Who are you taking advice from to build your mlm/network marketing downline? | jrjackson.com
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    Who are you taking advice from to build your mlm/network marketing downline?

    By action | August 12, 2008

    Take a look at this short video:

    Does this remind you of your MLM business?

    You are plugging along and everything appears fine and then BAM – your upline leader is gone (or worse yet the MLM company goes out of business).

    There you are “climbing the success ladder” and everything comes to an abrupt stop. Why? Well because you were following one person and one system. You blindly allowed this one person (or this one company) to be 100% responsible for your success.

    So when the “system” breaks you and your team don’t know what to do and you come to a complete stop.

    What is the answer?

    Well you need to eventually become responsible for your own success. You need to become the “guru” the go-to guy for you and your team.

    That is the very reason why this blog exist. You see I have had companies leave me as well as uplines leave me. Do you really think they care about your success? Of course they don’t! They only care what you can do (and earn) for them.

    It is time for you to WAKE-UP and decide if you really want to build a strong, profitable downline or you don’t!

    Keep following your upline leader by going to meetings, bugging your family and friends AGAIN and you will continue having the success you have right now!


    You can decide to draw a line in the sand RIGHT NOW! And…

    You can decide to start using the tools and techniques that I’m showing you here to build a huge downline.

    Listen folks! The bottomline is I have around 9 (just off the top of my head) income streams. What does this mean? Well, if one income stream goes away I still have 8 others. My “eggs are not in one basket!”

    Believe me, I made this mistake a few years ago with a MLM company where I put my all into it just to be kicked to the street after I taught my techniques and gave them 5-years of blood, sweat and tears. I was worse off financially then I had been my entire adult life. I swore NEVER TO DO THAT AGAIN!

    I turn-keyed a MLM opportunity and earned $10,140 my first month using two systems which I will show you in a moment. That is just one of my income streams.

    Again, you need to “grow up” and diversify and finally take responsible for your financial future BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE WILL DO IT FOR YOU – PERIOD.

    Chances are you have a spouse (or significant other) who is looking to you to be the ‘bread winner.’ You might even have kids who look up to you to ‘provide for them.’ And chances are if you are following the LOSER SYSTEM your upline is using to build your downline you are letting them down.

    I’m only saying this because I truly care about you and your success within this industry. Even though I don’t know you I do know that it takes a special person to step out on faith and begin building a business in this industry.

    You have heard it before but I will say it again – STOP BEING A PIMPLE ON THE @SS OF POVERTY! Stop the insanity by following your loser upline and going to weekly meetings, conference calls, networking events etc. etc. etc.

    Bottomline is this! From this day forward you will know the answer to building a huge downline.

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    Remember that video above? Do you think someone in your downline will come along and make you successful – NO! You need to recruit a lot of people if you want big time success and the two methods I listed above will take you to the top of your network marketing company if you will just stop fighting it and begin implementing these two simple systems.

    In closing, I sincerely hope I see you at the top. There is plenty of room up here!

    J.R. Jackson

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