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    Stop Looking At Your Prospects as a Piece of Meat!

    By action | September 10, 2008

    Stop Looking At Your Prospects as a Piece of Meat!

    mlm failure

    Have you had times when you have gotten off the phone with a prospect and thought, “Wow, I didn’t feel a connection with them at all.”  Chances are you and they have very different personality types, and you weren’t speaking the same language.

    How to Identify the 4 Major Personality Types

    Since network marketing (mlm) is a training and coaching business and not a sales business, you have to identify with your prospect. You must have some sort of idea about how they think, how they work and how they learn. If you can master the 4 types of personalities, you can recruit like crazy!

    There are 4 colors associated with each of the 4 personalities; yellow, blue, green and red.

    yellow personalityYellow (35% of the population) – These are the kind of people who have the characteristic of nurturing, teaching, sharing, mentoring and coaching. Yellow prospects are very passionate to go out and start sharing what your product or service can do for their family, friends and other prospects. Yellow people like talking, they talk a lot and if you have the chance to recruit some of these people into your organization, they would in turn attract more prospects into your business faster.

    Occupational tendencies:  nurses, teachers, PTA leaders, social workers

    Positive characteristics:  love everyone, compassionate, caring, dependable, nurturing, supportive, people oriented, desire for good relationships, great listeners, stable, empathetic, tremendously loyal, likes routine

    Natural weaknesses: crave appreciation / acceptance from others, often yield to the input of others, poor follow up, unorganized, indecisive, slow to initiate, fears change, sensitive, avoids confrontation even if needed

    Tips when talking to them:  control your excitement as it comes off as hype, they don’t like to be sold, skip the talk of money and instead focus on their family

    blue personalityBlue (15% of the population) – These are the kind of people who have the characteristic of having fun, feel exciting, very creative and they always see the big picture whenever you are presenting your business opportunity to them. Tell your Blue prospects about all of the exciting trips you and your team go on, weekly get-togethers, BBQ’s etc. Blues love to socialize. They are the people in front of the room dancing when the music is blasting.

    Occupational tendencies: public speaking, sales, entertainment

    Positive characteristics:  fast paced, always in action, people oriented, high energy, love to party and try new things, light hearted, easy going, good communicator, enthusiastic, dramatic, inspirational, creative, likes variety, takes risks, visionary, spontaneous

    Natural weaknesses: always talking, not a good listener, impulsive, not detail oriented, jump from one thing to another quickly, highly excitable, say whatever they are thinking

    Tips when talking to them: speak with energy and enthusiasm, talk of the fun of the business, the opportunity to meet lots of people, the release of new products and services, and avoid too many facts and figures

    green personalityGreen (35% of the population) – The characteristic of the green people are analysis, intelligence and want to know it all. Give a Green prospect all of the literature you have and give them space to do their research. It is almost impossible to recruit a Green person on the spot. But given time (and if you have a good product or service) you can win some of these prospects over into your organization.

    Occupational tendencies:  accountants, engineers, computer programmers

    Positive characteristics:  great follow through, analytical, loyal, long term perspective, accurate, consistent, conscientious, detail oriented, predictable

    Natural weaknesses:  miss opportunities when analyzing too long, pessimistic, perfectionist

    Tips when talking to them:  you aren’t going to sell them, they will need to sell themselves after thoroughly researching every link of every website, allow them to investigate at their own pace, and willingly answer their unending questions

    red personalityRed (15% of the population) – These are the kind of people you need the most in your MLM business. The red group of people are the big achievers and goal oriented people. Tell your Red prospects about the money they will earn, introduce them to your upline who has the big house, fancy car and the Rolex. Red prospects love this kind of stuff. They love being in front of the room getting awards and recognition.

    Occupational tendencies:  corporate CEOs, military leaders, politicians, attorneys

    Positive characteristics:  never quits, persistent, will push through all obstacles to find success, risk taker, independent, results or goal oriented, in control, make things happen, achievement driven, likes new challenges, problem solver, likes having authority, takes charge, decisive, self starter, productive, organized

    Natural weaknesses:  not coachable, intense, aggressive, impatient, big ego, inflexible, not a good listener, impulsive, competitive, blunt, demanding, fears inactivity, quickly bored, inability to follow

    Tips when talking to them:  they hate to waste time and want to get right to the point, skip the chit chat, requires few facts to make a decision, just talk about the bottom line and what the compensation plan can mean to their portfolio, money is a measure of their success, so talk BIG money

    Once you start recognizing these qualities in your prospects, you will be able to serve them much better and with understanding.

    OK, so what color am I? I’m a red/yellow!

    What color are you?

    J.R. Jackson
    Professional Home-Based Business Consultant

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    5 Responses to “Stop Looking At Your Prospects as a Piece of Meat!”

    1. Tracey Walker Says:
      September 15th, 2008 at 6:34 pm

      JR, I just watched the webcast on resume recruiting. It was phenomenal. As I shared with you when we spoke on the phone, I had never heard of using this type of method to recruit for my business.

      It was great and refreshing to learn something new that I could literally apply to my marketing mix instantly. I look forward to my massive results.

      Tracey Walker

    2. James Says:
      September 18th, 2008 at 10:16 am

      I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, i duno. Anyways, I just clicked it and here I am. Your blog looks good. Have a nice day. James.

    3. J.R. Says:
      September 25th, 2008 at 11:44 am

      Thanks Tracy I’m glad you enjoyed the info and I hope you have implemented the system.


    4. Brian Hin Says:
      August 9th, 2010 at 1:28 am

      I’m a green/red. You can probably tell because I’ve been reading through just about every post starting from the beginning of 2008.

    5. Blake Rogers Says:
      August 12th, 2010 at 1:06 pm

      being a computer programmer myself makes me very proud of my job-‘.


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