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    Make Your MLM Business Stand Out With This Simple Tip

    By action | April 11, 2009

    mlm call to actionIn marketing your MLM business it is important to have a ‘call to action.’ Your ‘call to action’ is a message or statement which encourages the prospect to perform a specific action. Most of the time this involves buying a product, entering their name and email for more information on your mlm squeeze page, subscribing to a newsletter or requesting for more information. The specific action to take is defined by the marketer in accordance with his/her goals.

    If you think about it, call-to-actions are really a natural result of most human interactions. You call a friend to chit-chat and before you hang up, you ask her to have lunch together tomorrow. She thinks about her schedule for a moment and says “Sure, let’s do that”.

    network marketing what's nextIt’s just a way to conclude a moment of interaction. It’s telling the other party ‘what’s next’ and how to continue. If used alongside exceptional content, the call to action no longer becomes a gentle request but an imperative that requires your immediate commitment.

    The problem with most MLM companies websites is they have no “call to action.” Most of MLM companies have fantastic and beutiful websites but they do not take your prospect through the “sales process.” That is why I create my own website 100% of the time.

    A few years ago I joined a network marketing company 2-weeks before their national convention. It took me 2-days to learn the lingo and design my website which included a 20-minute video presentation which I recorded. I went to the convention 2-weeks later and a few hours into the first session they announced the 5 biggest recruiters for the year. To my surprise I was announced as the 2nd biggest distributor and I had only been in the business 2-weeks.

    I went on to make over $10,000 my first month and was the #1 distributor that next year. Again to my surprise I only did one 90-days blitz and I was still the #1 recruiter for the year. Someone I personally recruited and trained was #2 and someone else I recruited and was using my system was #3.

    Folks, this industry is so simple if you know what you are doing.

    You know I’m alsways talking about using resumes and downline reports to build your business. Honestly I don’t care if you use either. My downlines are growing daily. I made a commitment to share my tips and techniques for being a top level recruiter and that is what I’m doing on this blog.

    So the bottomline is YES you need to have a website from your company BUT don’t use it!

    If your website does not have a “call to action” then you are losing those prospects who might have joined if you would have simply taken them through the sales process.

    If you are interested in getting a video and written tutorial of what I put on my “call to action” webpages CLICK HERE. It is included with this system.

    mlmers stand out in the crowdWhen you are ready to “stand out” from the crowd GO HERE for my #1 recruiting system!

    J.R. Jackson

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    One Response to “Make Your MLM Business Stand Out With This Simple Tip”

    1. George Gonzalez Says:
      May 15th, 2009 at 1:38 am

      Absolutely Correct! I used my company website for a long time and got nothing, I didnt even know if people were visiting my site. After going through your system and talking with you on the 15 min consult, I developed my own site and know exactly who comes to it. I know what my prospects are seeing exactly. Thanks JR


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