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5 Ways to Profit BIG from Twitter | jrjackson.com
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    5 Ways to Profit BIG from Twitter

    By action | November 11, 2010

    Here is a short list of 5 ways to profit from Twitter. Post a comment about how you profit from Twitter. The best comment wins a $99 email campaign to 1,000 business opportunity seekers for YOUR business.

    Follow a ton of people

    Pretty straight forward, just follow as many people as you can. If your Twitter post are interesting you should expect about 10% of people to follow you back.

    Follow famous people

    There’s a lot of famous people on twitter now with millions of followers. If you can somehow get them to tweet back at you then you’ve got a lot of potential traffic hitting your twitter profile.

    Get something viral happening that’s re-tweetable

    If you can create something that’s easily re-tweetable but makes you cash then you’re onto a winner.

    Use the Twitter API to create an app

    I saw an interesting stat that mentioned twitter gets roughly 10x more traffic via their API than the actual web service. There’s a huge market out there for interesting apps & a huge market to profit from it. This is probably the most lucrative point out of the 5. For example, no-one is really doing twitter backgrounds well yet?

    Use twitter for new product/website launches

    With plenty of followers you can really give a new website/idea a very nice initial boost or get the blogosphere talking. A trend I’ve noticed is that twitter users love useful apps, oh & twitter related apps.

    J.R. Jackson

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