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Top 10 Resolutions To Set For The New Year | jrjackson.com
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    Top 10 Resolutions To Set For The New Year

    By action | December 25, 2010

    Top 10 Resolutions To Set For The New Year

    In just a week’s time, we’ll be stepping into 2011. Are you ready to rock 2011 ahead?

    I love the new year, because it’s the time when we start everything on a fresh note. It’s when we set new resolutions, positive intentions of what we want to accomplish for the year. In today’s post, I’m going to share top 10 resolutions to set for the new year. These 10 resolutions cover important areas, and when accomplished, will bring about great benefits to your life.

    1 – Spend more time with family. How many of us often prioritize work over family? Why do you work so hard? The answer for a lot of us is so we can provide a superior lifestyle for our family. While working hard (or smart) is great don’t sacrifice living in the here and now, your family will appreciate spending extra time with you.

    2 – Get Fit / Exercise more. Do you know that over 60% of Americans are overweight or obese? As many of you know I have recently began using P90x and I absolutely love it. I feel better then I have in years.

    3 – Eat healthily. The modern lifestyle has become one that’s filled with fast food and junk food. Time to take these out and eat some healthy food. I prefer to buy food fresh daily at my local grocery store and cooking everything fresh. Not only is it healthier then eating out but it brings my family together as everyone pitches in.

    4 – Connect with friends. Make it a point to meet up with family and friends regularly – and no I’m not referring to posting a comment on their Facebook profile. Remember at the end of the day, our relationships are what give us the biggest fulfillment in life.

    5 – Learn something new. Learning never stops. Life is our school, and there are things to learn everywhere we go. Go learn a new language, take a new course, read new books, learn a sport, and more. Check out these 42 helpful tips on how to improve yourself.

    6 – Meet new people. A new year is a great time to forge new friendships, while maintaining old ones of course. We can never have too many friends. Get out there and meet new people! Venture out of your social groups. Meet people whose work inspire you. Network with the top people in your field. Get to know your friends’ friends.

    7 – Meditate. If there’s only one habit you’re going to pick to cultivate, I’ll recommend you pick meditation. Meditation calms your mind and quietens your soul. It’s where you connect with your subconsciousness and unleash that idea genius in you. I’ve gotten some very interesting ideas from my meditations. If you’re new to meditation, it’s very easy to get started. One thing you can do is turn off the tv or radio and listen to your own mind. I find these quiet brainstorming sessions very valuable.

    8 – Do more kind deeds. I think there’s never an end to how much we can help others. The more we give, the happier we’ll be. I’ve dedicated my life to helping others grow, and every day I get more satisfaction from my work than the day before. If I can help you with your business please call, text or email me.

    9 – Get rid of clutter. New year is the perfect time to declutter your environment. Do a spring cleaning of your home, your wardrobe, your bedroom, your storeroom and your work desk. You’ll find that removing clutter has a therapeutic effect: As you clear the clutter, you’re inviting new things to enter your life.

    10 – Stop procrastinating. How much time have you wasted in your life procrastinating? Honestly, life’s too short to be procrastinating it away. Start 2011 on a high note – it’s time to cut off all the bad procrastination habits and do everything you’ve been putting off.

    So which of the resolutions above are you going to set for 2011? Share with everyone by posting a comment here!

    Successfully yours,

    J.R. Jackson

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    5 Responses to “Top 10 Resolutions To Set For The New Year”

    1. Kai Says:
      December 26th, 2010 at 3:28 pm

      For 2011 i want to focus on my health and help others pursue their passions. Its all about giving back in 2011 for me
      Kai recently posted..12 Days till Christmas Finale- Merry Christmas!My Profile

    2. Chelsey Says:
      December 28th, 2010 at 10:42 pm

      I will: get rid of clutter, do more good deeds, and meet new people.

      Dad you are an amazing person thank you for always believing in me and telling me to follow each and every one of my dreams.

      I love you:)

    3. J.R. Says:
      January 27th, 2011 at 8:10 pm

      Thanks you Chelsey.

    4. Mark Says:
      January 24th, 2011 at 4:13 pm

      It’s definitely important to stay focused on what you want and there’s no better way of doing that than having something like a list in front of you every day.

    5. Bryce Woodard Says:
      April 24th, 2011 at 3:33 am

      I decided to give network marketing another shot. When I first decided to learn how to market my previous mlm business online, I started doing ok and was earning some money, then i learned about affiliate marketing. I spent about a year and a half trying to learn every new strategy i could to sell some affiliate products online and almost made no money. now I’m back building a network marketing business online again and I’m actually making money again. I just bought JR’s resume course and I’m hoping to kick my income up a few notches. I wish good health and abundance to all. Make your dreams come true.
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